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Papers include official correspondence; records of jail expenses, staff, and prisoners during Barr's tenure as jailer, ; and Louisville Republican Party correspondence and meeting minutes. Barry, William Taylor, Kentucky lawyer, state legislator, lieutenant governor, judge, U. Bound volume of typed transcripts of letters to and from Barry. Subjects include family news, his legal education in Kentucky and at William and Mary, politics, the Aaron Burr and Benjamin Sebastian trials, the Spanish Conspiracy, the Old Court-New Court controversy, War of , and the various positions he served in at the state and federal government levels.

Bauer, Michael G. Secret Service agent and detective of Louisville, Ky. Correspondence and notes regarding Bauer's work as a secret service agent and as operator of the Bauer Detective Agency. Included is information on moonshiners, counterfeiters, gamblers, and thieves; two books concerning "noted criminals" from and ; and newsclippings about crime. Beall, William Kennedy, Journal, 5 July - 4 August Journal Beall kept while serving as assistant quartermaster general under General William Hull in the early days of the War of He records his activities, capture by the British, a description of Tecumseh, his captivity aboard the schooners Thames and Lady Provost, and copies of letters he wrote to his wife Melinda Harris Beall and General James Taylor.

Typescript filed with original. Published in the American Historical Review, 17 Beall-Booth Family. Papers of Samuel Beall, merchant of Williamsburg, Va. Papers include correspondence regarding land speculation, surveys, and division of vast tracts of land in Kentucky, as well as the legal and financial problems associated with their land holdings; land records for acreage along the Kentucky, Ohio, and Green rivers; orders of payment and receipts regarding Norborne Beall's personal business; accounts and ledgers from Williamsburg and early Louisville, Ky.

The letters and records also chronicle the hardships and dangers of frontier Kentucky, slave concerns, Kentucky economics, and politics. Letcher, and many other business and political leaders of the day. Also included are papers of the William L. Booth family of Meade Co. The bulk of the collection is correspondence discussing farming, finances, legal and business matters, diseases, family matters, the Mexican War, Civil War, religion, and politics. Beauchamp, Jereboam O. Law student from Simpson Co.

Papers consist of the purported confession of Beauchamp, written 22 May - 6 July , while in jail in Frankfort awaiting execution; letters, , written by Beauchamp to his mother, sisters, brothers, and George M. Bibb; and poems attributed to Beauchamp and his wife Anne Cook Beauchamp. Beauregard, Pierre Gustave Toutant, Confederate general. Indictment for treason issued by the U. Circuit Court at Louisville, Ky. Signed by James Harlan, U. Attorney for the District of Kentucky. Also warrants for Beauregard's arrest dated , , and signed by Andrew Jackson Ballard as clerk of the court. A number of Beauregard letters are contained in other collections.

Beck, James Burnie, Lawyer, U. Letters of a routine nature responding to requests for information, ordering copies of publications, and mentioning the Sundry civil bill. Additional Beck letters are in other collections. Beckham, John Crepps Wickliffe, Kentucky governor and U.

Included are a 26 May letter to Charles Stoll of Louisville acknowledging his letter commending him on his recent action to enforce Sunday closing laws; and an 11 March letter to Eleanor Holmes Lindsay responding to her request for his support of a resolution to provide an appropriation to erect a monument at Judge Lindsay's grave, and stating that he is not in a position to take any part in these matters. Additional Beckham letters are in other collections. Beckley and Thomas.

Receipt book, Business firm of Lebanon, Ky. Receipt book of Beckley and Thomas for operating a stage coach line in the area of Lebanon, Ky.

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Included are receipts to individuals for carrying the mail and for tolls paid on various roads. Beckner, William Morgan, Autograph album, Autograph album of delegates to the Kentucky Constitutional Convention, Beers, Jayne Bergen. Collection, Collection of miscellaneous family records inherited by Beers. Included are a minute book, , and account book, , of the Low Dutch Company, Pleasureville, Ky. Belknap Family. Prominent business family of Louisville, Ky. Included are letters from family members and friends to William Burke Belknap and his son William Richardson Belknap discussing activities, education, proper behavior, money management, and news; records, , of the Salmagundi Club retained by William R.

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Belknap due to his membership in that organization; and a typescript of Isaac F. Stone's memoir of the years discussing travel by ship and railroad, religion, and moving his family from Connecticut to Louisville. Samuel D. Bemiss, John, Account book, Physician and Presbyterian clergyman of Bloomfield, Ky.

The Pursuit of Public Power: Political Culture in Ohio, 1797-1861

Account book began when Bloomfield was known as Middleburg, Bemiss records advances of money made for the education and support of his children; sales of whiskey, ; accounts, , re: the estate of John Stoner; money received, , for publishers of the Pedobaptist; account, , with Ashes Creek Mill; expenses, , in building a brick house; record, , of books sold for a Vermont bookseller; list of taxable property for various years; and an undated petition to the Kentucky legislature from the citizens of Bloomfield requesting that the sale of intoxicating liquors be forbidden in the town and its vicinity.

Benton, Thomas Hart, Benton's 8 July letter to Col. John Abert introduces and recommends Robert Campbell who was in Washington to collect debts owed to him by the federal government due to his advancing John C. Fremont supplies for his western expedition; and his 7 Nov. Sally Thomas regarding the divorce of Maryland Gov. Berkley, Edward Fairfax, Episcopal clergyman.

Papers include correspondence, , regarding his academic career at Bristol College in Pennsylvania and at the Theological Seminary in Lexington, Ky. George's and St. Peter's churches in St. Also included are statements of account; deeds; articles; and printed programs of Berkley's readings. James Craik, and other Episcopal clergymen. Bernhardt, Carl. Journalist of Richmond, Ind.

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Papers consist of correspondence regarding Gideon Shyrock, Frankfort, Kentucky folk songs; articles by Bernhardt about those subjects, the Kentucky Derby and horse racing, early Kentucky, early Louisville, and George Washington in the Ohio Valley; and notes, newsclippings, and scrapbooks about the Kentucky coal fields trouble. Bernheim, Isaac Wolfe, Louisville businessman, philanthropist. Papers include correspondence and speeches regarding Bernheim's opinions on the Zionist movement in the U.

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Also included are legal documents regarding the Bernheim Trust and Foundation. Bernheim Forest. History, Lawrence, Jr. The history covers early settlers in Kentucky and the Bernheim area; their cultural background; industries over the years in the Bernheim area salt, iron, agriculture, rock quarrying, logging, distilleries, and the railroad ; the Civil War and the postwar years; and the origin of Bernheim Forest 18 typed pages.

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Also, a three page handwritten recollection of the area repeating much of the typed history. Beynroth, Charles Exteen, Merchant of Louisville, Ky. Papers consist of correspondence, ; land papers, ; records, , pertaining to his house and farm in Middletown, Ky. Correspondence discusses business and family matters, local news, epidemics of cholera and yellow fever, religious affairs, and economic conditions. Bibb, George Mortimer, Kentucky lawyer, judge, state legislator, U. Mostly routine correspondence discussing family matters, personal business, finances, and recommendations.

His 11 Dec. Caesar A. Rodney expresses his belief that Aaron Burr was guilty; and a 14 Jan. Bibb Family. Papers of the Bibb family, primarily Richard Bibb, Sr.

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Included is correspondence, deeds, account books, bills and receipts, slave records, wills, and genealogical information. The bulk of the collection concerns the purchase and sale of land. Bingham, George Barry, Newspaper publisher, philanthropist.